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Elsa Mickayla EPK

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Elsa Mickayla is a multi-skilled artist hailing from Indonesia but based in Singapore. Known for her expertise as a singer, songwriter, and music producer, she has crafted notable tracks such as 'Just Us' featuring Owen Li and the energetic K-pop hit 'LAY LOW' with JUNG, produced by Zionn. Beyond her musical endeavors, Elsa is also an avid rock climber, earning recognition in the climbing community as the "adidas girl" for her preference for wearing adidas clothing while bouldering.


In addition to her solo music career, Elsa is a member of the A Cappella group "The Island Voices," where she serves as the soprano and contributes to songwriting. The group has gained prominence over the past couple of years, performing at prestigious events such as the National Day Parade in both 2022 and 2023. They've also ventured overseas, performing in Taiwan as Singaporean representatives and with an upcoming showcase planned for Graz, Austria, in July 2024.


Elsa has recently dropped her latest single, 'Money Music', marking the conclusion of the three-song series titled SZNS. Despite the packaging resembling an EP, she's taking a different approach to their release, choosing not to present them exclusively as such. Moreover, there's an eight-track album slated for release in 2024, offering a further delve into Elsa Mickayla's artistic vision and musical talent. She just dropped her first track from the upcoming album, 'Memories', on April 26, 2024, with plans to unveil a new song each month.


26 APRIL, 2024 - SINGAPORE - Elsa Mickayla showcases her talent and unwavering commitment to her craft, leaving an indelible mark on all who listen to her latest releases.

Singer and music producer Elsa Mickayla releases her self-produced single 'Memories' available on all major streaming platforms at midnight on 26 Apr 2024.

Elsa Mickayla's quote on this single:

"Embracing music hasn't been easy; it's a journey filled with emotional ups and downs—worries about finances, strains on relationships, and relentless self-doubt casting a shadow over every melody I write. Throughout it all, music has remained a constant, serving as a therapeutic outlet."

'Memories' embodies the tug-of-war between relationships and career aspirations. Through its melody, it becomes a voice urging me to prioritize my passion for music over the distractions of romance. It's as if the music itself breathes life into a third-party perspective, reminding me to refocus on my artistic journey and not let love hold me back from achieving my full potential.

'Memories' was written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Elsa Mickayla and distributed by Believe Music.


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